What God/Goddess is that?

The Book of the Dead is a series of spells designed to ensure a safe journey through the ancient Egyptian underworld – the imagery of The Judgement Scene epitomises that journey. Interpret this spell without reading hieroglyphs simply by understanding who the eight important gods and goddesses in this scene are and what they areContinue reading “What God/Goddess is that?”

The Story of Pots

Thousands of pot sherds are recovered on archaeological sites. The sherds assist in revealing site chronology and can tell stories about the activities conducted at this place. Perhaps a craft workshop, or a ritual building or even a domestic kitchen? Live the life of an archaeological ceramicist – sort your sherds, examine them and writeContinue reading “The Story of Pots”

Reconstructing the Past

Explore a mock archaeological site – observe, record, classify and reconstruct. What do these objects tell us about the place they were deposited and the people who use them? This activity is recommended for Year 8s. The session is conducted outside across a double period or a minimum 90 minutes and requires an additional siteContinue reading “Reconstructing the Past”

Moral Dilemmas – what would you do?

Thousands of objects recovered at archaeological sites all over the world are held in museum and private collections in countries far away from their original place of deposition. Should they be returned home at the request of the government of their country of origin? Just one of the moral dilemmas we consider! This activity isContinue reading “Moral Dilemmas – what would you do?”