Our Vision

Why did we choose a symbolic representation of hands for our logo? The hands reflect our name, but really for us hand depictions speak to our being human, and that is what the study of the humanities is all about – the human experience. Hands are the first part of our body we become aware of as babies, they represent our commonality, and in our hands each of us have so many stories to share.

The sharing of stories has the capacity to open dialogue, foster understanding across cultural divides, and create bonds of friendship. Our simple vision for all of the young people who participate in our project is that they are given the opportunity to share their own stories and hear those of others. The impact of sharing and listening can be profound.

Our hands-on classes offer a range of activity modules which culminate in participants being offered the opportunity to share their stories. We work within the framework of a very simple model – for every school which financially supports the delivery of our classes we will ensure the same opportunities are offered to an equivalent number of students who struggle with disadvantage. This partnership borne of generosity creates the foundation for dialogue, understanding and friendship.

Join us!

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